Thursday, April 24, 2008

Second Life and the Laptop Saga

So, you can't swap out graphics cards on most laptops and since my old one was from about 2002 (never crashed, works great, won't run SL), I scoped out some new ones and picked a laptop that was qualified to run SL just fine. It didn't. SL worked great for a few minutes until it crashed, saying the graphics card had stopped working for a sec there.

So I took it back and exchanged it for a laptop that cost 25% more and had the big mama GeForce or whatever graphics cards. Plus more memory than needed at 3MB. It sucks. It is almost as bad as my workstation, which I'll upgrade soon.

But how disappointing to spend this much time and money, and every time I take more than 2 steps a minute, I end up getting dragged underground, then pop back up and get stuck.

Last night I did manage to attend my class. First time in, my clothes didn't load. Second time in I got stuck walking and had to log out and come back in, but my turquoise hair and clothing arrived with me just fine. About the third time in, everything worked great -- eventually. I could speak, walk, sit, but no gestures for some reason.

I'm gonna try a Mac next. I haven't used one regularly in probably 7 years. Yes, I know these guys at the computer store are going to love seeing me come in the door yet again.


  1. What is SL? It's a shame you are having all those problems.

  2. Hey Miz Free! I guess you could say SL (Second Life) is an online environment, not quite a gaming environment per se.

    Anyway, the "boys" have decided we should keep the nicer laptop even though it won't run SL very well, so here it stays...


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