Saturday, April 19, 2008

Second Life: Back for More

I actually journalled this the other night...but haven't had a chance to post until now:

Went back in last night and finished the other two Orientation tutorials. I was walking around this volcano talking to fat statues when a charming blonde prince with a sparkling crown strolled up and presented me with a bunch of blingedy jewelry. Why thank you kind sir, I chatted. We decided to be friends. I continued around a corner, and he shows up again (you can see their names above their heads) this time in jeans, a cap and a muscle shirt. I'm like, hey buddy where's your crown [you perhaps-a-stalker freak]??? He reminded me of the dweeby boy in school who always introduces himself to the new kid in the class, and then later when you have actual friends you don't want to know him any more.

Ok, so by this time I'm flying at will and landing on the ground (which is quicker than, say, walking around the volcano) but my computer is occasionally doing this weird thing where it gets STUCK on walking -- I end up going backwards over miles and miles of ocean, and I can't stop. My DH can see this from the other room and he's laughing. So I reboot. Usually, I end up back on solid land, before the glitch did the glitch.

I didn't have my headphones on at first so I didn't realize you could hear people talking! And it was creepy. I could actually hear some guy breathing while he wandered around in SL. After I heard him say in a really groggy voice, "Ok, I'm gonna have one more smoke and then go to bed," I turned down the voice. The ambient noises are fun though and I love the twilight environment setting.

It took me quite a bit of time to figure out how to get OFF the Orientation Island because I was apparently sent a thing to click on Teleport but I couldn't see Teleport until the 3rd time I rebooted. I did ask a couple of tall dark and handsome strangers. One of them said, "Follow Me" and then took off faster than I could follow.

But I managed to get off the island (I was kinda scared to go straight out to Second Life cause I still can't find anything) and got to Help Island, where there's a huge goth dude with huge black wings standing there, by the name of Chic Magnet. In that getup, I think it's more like creepy critter magnet. It was getting late so I sat down on a wall, which is presumably where I'll be when I get back there. Tonight.

Yes, I'm hooked already. I want to find my classmates! That's it -- RESEARCH!

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