Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Second Life: Nik and Mar's Tentative Encounters

Or is that "Tentacled Encounters?" And why do I feel like this SL blogging is some kind of descent journal? and a year from now I'll be testifying on Oprah explaining how it started out innocently enough. Yeah, it was supposed to be a grad. school class project...

Anyway, here's my latest chat w/my BFF Goth Deadhead Nik with the bunny ears. As you will see Sarah is a little too dom for the dom.

me: . . . so far everywhere I go I walk around and say hi to people and they walk away, LOL
Nik: i had an encounter
me: Oh yeah?
where and with whom?
Nik: a guy came and offered me a 'woman's starter pack' saying "here's some new skin and clothes"
me: and by the way this conversation might end up on my blog
did you accept them?
[long pause while the chat window says "Nik is typing..."]
Nik: I had been working on my avatar....and was a bit peeved.... so I said something like "Why would I want different skin or clothes? I picked the skin and clothes I have on." He said "as you wish"....
Nik: I checked out his profile....he lists himself as a dominant and i noticed him sitting with a woman avatar that was listed as a sub
me: I guess I was lucky to meet Prince Charming and actually get just the tiara
even if he did show up later in street clothes
Nik: i made it to info island and have been checking out the library
me: Info Island?
Nik: yep
me: I'll have to check it out
Nik: yep
me: Like I need more info

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