Sunday, April 20, 2008

Second Life: Off the Island!

Journal Notes:

I finally had a chance to try SL on a different computer, an older model running Windows XP. Don't know what type of graphics card it had. Anyway, I discovered that old computer runs SL a LOT better and finally I got a sense of how it SHOULD be to walk around, change your appearance and clothing, etc. I thought I had gotten plenty of memory for my new Vista-the-Hog computer but apparently Bill Gates wasn't talking to Mr. Linden. ;-)

Oh-ho that's right folks, she's not a total newbie any more. I found some, if not tutorials, at least good orientation materials, such as the one at Wired, a keyboard shortcuts chart and a few other links (I'll post them some other time...)

Today (while conducting research on my lunch break, yes) there was some dude using voice chat with a voice changer thingy to make him sound like Darth Vader. Actually he sounded like a baritone African American gentleman but I picture him as a scrawny white kid in a dorm room. Who else would be on in the middle of the day? Oh, right -- me. It was kind of funny hearing him try to explain to a guy with maybe a Pakistani accent what "getting turned down" means -- the accent guy was playing music into the voice chat and Darth was telling him that people don't like it and will turn off the sound when you're around.
Why I don't go to bars any more -- the zombies!

ANYWAY, another observation I made is about the fact that some avatar with ridiculously large wings kept blocking me from seeing myself. I wished I could pick him up and move him over but I guess that is against the politeness rules. Or the assault rule. Or something. I'd like to see him try to get on an airplane with those wings! ;-)

I mostly played with my face, hair, cargo pant length and other highly productive tasks. I went to the Mainland. Or some part of it anyway. I also searched and searched for the island of the university I go to, since that's where our class session will be next week, but I couldn't find it. I did find my professor and two of our tech support people and asked a couple of people to be my friend, and sent an email to the class with my avatar name, and one of them offered to Teleport me to the island. Whew! That'll be nice.

Oh yeah -- in the Mainland place someone invited me to join their group, so I accepted. Next thing you know I've got the word "cock" something on top of my head. So I unjoined. This SL liveliness could take some getting used to, LOL!

Turtle Island is just like home!

I find myself walking off to a quiet grassy spot a lot, just to think and play with stuff. Today I sat on a bench to rest and a little cat avatar came up and squeaked something, then flew off.
It's funny -- the reason I say it's like going to an acid party (did I say that?) is because when someone's changing their appearance, they just kind of stand there looking off into space, and then something changes, like their jacket, or their hair turns blue. Or you see someone flying way off in the distance like an old Peter Max poster.

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