Monday, April 21, 2008

Second Life with Nik

My BFF Nik is my hero(ine). Whenever I have a technology issue, I always ask Nik first. And she is always sharing with me some new Internet thang. If she doesn't know the answer, she asks her son quick-like (he is a computer science major). We chat online just about every day cause we only see each other IRL once or twice a year. So when I was assigned to play around in Second Life, naturally I asked Nik about it. Didn't take her long to get in the swing of SL -- she Teleported me to her location last night for our first SL meetup:

How fun! That's me with the turquoise hair and Nik looking like a Goth Deadhead. Too bad you can't see my tiara. 8-)

Now if only I had a computer at home that SL would actually work in. I finally just bailed. But it was very cool to add the avatar element to our chats. I use sound in SL but Nik couldn't hear the voice chat. And I have too much homework at the moment to down the computer and upgrade stuff.

But here's our chat from the other day when I first asked Nik about SL. I thought it was kinda funny...

Nik: ah...i'm not sure i like the second life idea
me: why?
Nik: it seems a bit redundant
Nik: i have enuf to do in my first life
i only get a bit of computer gaming time every day and i play both portal and ninja reflex, which are brain training and hand eye training games
(i'm at the age where that's important)
me: well if you decide to do second life let me know and we can meet up there
Nik: what do you do there?
me: it's like a cross between taking acid and having a dream where you forget to wear your pants to school
Nik: oh, that might be fun
me: You can do different things
I'm just doing the orientation right now
Nik: ah. well, maybe after this next couple of days at work
me: you can join groups, go to different lands, have unbridled sex with strangers, buy real estate, do graduate research
Nik: real research?
the travel sounds fun, not really into sex or real estate

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  1. So Auntie, this isn't about this post, it's about the currect poll - what are "New England" style earrings? I've been racking my brains and I can't imagine. And I'm a lifelong Massachusetts girl, y'know!



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