Saturday, May 17, 2008

Second Life Sufi

I took some time off grant-writing today (which is the psychological equivalent of sticking sharp pencils in your temples) to be a whirling dervish in Second Life. Yep, I finally figured out how to don the tennure although, apologies to friends of Rumi, I must have forgotten the white pants and ended up wearing my brown I touched up the pants in PaintShop Pro. Estafirullah! This room has a ball on the ceiling where you click to animate your avatar. Nice turning motions that last a long time -- cycling through the various gestures very slowly.

The room I was in had pictures of Nur Ashki Jerrahi teachers on the walls which I expect came from their website, and links to various Sufi and Muslim websites which I didn't click through to today.

But alas, no music (that I could find), so I surfed for some Sufi music online and played it while I turned. It was more soothing than I would have expected, but it would have been nicer to turn with a few others...and indeed I sent Landmarks to a couple of Sufis who I know play occasionally in Second Life. So maybe we'll set up a time and explore the online tekke a bit more...after this [&*%$@] grant is submitted. Argh!

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