Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spiritual Quest in Second Life?

I discovered something really cool about Second Life -- I meditate a LOT better there. ;-) Well that, and I don't bruise as easily from hard landings.

One day my Search led me to an interesting island with lots of fun interactive things with a spiritual orientation. I meditated, bathed while the birds sang, found not one but two Stonehenges, and Sarah and I did the dream dance. I did screenshots of that, but can't find them, so here's the one of just me:

For summer, I donned a nice tan and a pretty new tie dye butterfly suit. I figured while I was at it I'd make myself taller and slimmer too, what the heck?

I even did a whirling dervish dance, although I had to do it in my rainbow suit. Couldn't quite figure out how to don the tennure (sp? pronounced TEN-you-ray). Sarah went to an Earth Day celebration on Turtle Island, but the only meetup I've been to so far is my OLIT class.

I'm learning the very basics of building although I suspect Sarah is farther up the learning curve than I am. We found a good tutorial/play place and I figured out how to copy the notecards there to files, which I printed out. Nice workaround for me since my SL time and access are limited.

I'd love to build a poppet hat and give away craft tutorials as notecards!

I also read up on how to do a PowerPoint presentation and I think I can create a prim to contain the images, but alas, I have no Linden dollars. Just when I thought I'd have to set up an account, someone sent me a door prize of $10 Linden dollars for just visiting a place -- enough for one image. 8-) There is synchronicity in the virtual universe!

Hopefully this weekend (in between homework, sleeping, and hanging with the fam) I'll get around to connecting the new laptop directly to the DSL and see if that helps. Although, having Second Life in my livingroom could get to be a problem. As Sarah says, I have enough to do in my first life!


  1. Did I mention that you were a bit of brat? Only because when you mentioned second life, I had to go find out what it is and I have been there and had way to much fun!!!!
    I never played computer games or nintendo games or anything until now!! My kids are in shock because I am playing a computer game and I keep telling them to go away and leave me alone!!!
    So thanks, and I hope you are having fun! I know I am! I met a man today who showed me about money trees - you can pick money if you aren't too old - I don't think you are.
    My name is Vixen Thei - you can look me up!
    Cheers, Denise.
    ps - you definitely have more than I!!

  2. Ha! I never played those games either, except the easy ones. I did bowl a Wii strike the one and only time I tried it. Double ha!

    Tnx for the money tree info -- me and Sarah saw one one day but she said she couldn't get any money off it. I wonder if that's the place that sent me the money.

    Well, thanks for the comment! I will look you up when I get back in there. 8-)


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