Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Job

I hate to even post about this in case there is some way to jinx a new job with a blog post. But, yes, after 20 years at the same place (a job I love for the most part), I found an even better job. And that's an even better reason to not blog, because it's very apparent to me that I'm very lucky in a very unlucky time for so many folks. But, all Catholic guilt (yes, there really is a wikipedia entry on that!) aside, I'm so excited I think my head is going to explode! (Or as the MOTH says, es-PLODE-ee)

I gave my notice on Friday and I'm supposed to start on Feb. 2. Theoretically I will have a few days off between jobs, a luxury I'll believe when it actually happens, just like I'll believe I really got this job when I see my first paycheck. I don't know why I'm having a hard time processing this.

I turned 50 earlier this year and then a few months ago experienced my first power surges. Now, to get a promotion that has "permanent" next to the status designation makes me realize that I'm in the middle of what I'd definitely call a life transition. Crone-in-training. I'm so ready.

But I haven't been blogging quite as much because I find myself doing a lot of internal processing. Today I literally slept all day. I feel like I'm recharging. I feel a deep sense of peace amid the chaos. And gratitude for every little thing -- I did before, but now even more.

I have some decisions to make. My current workplace would like me to continue on with some things, under some sort of contract. I am taking one online grad class this spring, and after that I think I have 4 more classes to take for my Master's. There's both of my Etsy shops -- supplies and handmade jewelry, and I've been asked to teach locally too this spring. (I really should blog about that...) I need to pare down and simplify. Any ideas? Suggestions? Recommendations?

Oh, and I also need to know how one decorates a cubicle. Oy. I'm leaving the beautiful bosque and views of the mountains, for a pink cubicle. It seems to be roomy enough but I could hardly keep from giggling when they gave me a tour after my interview. Everybody looked like human animals in cages, all bug-eyed and performing little tricks for us when we walked by. I was thinking a Tibetan Buddhism shrine theme might be nice. Maybe on my days off I'll surf Archie McPhee for cubicle geegaws!


  1. Mary, Congrats, it was on my 50th birthday that the crows came. All of that began... the change.

    I have done a lot of training and do career change and imaging. One Apprecative Inquiry method is face this change and time with the following questions..

    What matters?
    What Works?
    What Next?

    This seems simplistic but the zen of it is big. I have used it with organizations,. colleges and individuals.
    Assess carefully what matters..
    do more of what works.. use your heart to guide you, follow your path with heart and go without fear into what next.. it is a path through changes, "the change" and the world's changes

  2. Congrats, Mary! Couldn't happen to a nicer person. :) As far as decorating cubicles, I haven't worked in cubicle-land in years. I think scarves draped over the top of the walls like a canopy would be uber-classy. :)

  3. Joan, thank you!!! so much!! No, it doesn't seem simplistic, it seems very useful. All of it. Thank you thank you thank you. Oh and I need to share a crow story with you some time. 8-)

  4. Oh Dulcey! Scarves...I could have a kind of salon / tattoo parlor / get your toe ring welded on here theme!!! I wonder if they'd let me burn incense... kinda doubt it.

    Oh, decisions 8-)

  5. Mary, while you work on changes.. I am so for the scarves!!! Someone made fun of my "spiritual" office years ago and suggested I bring in a fog machine.

    Scarves and a light mist, tarot cards.. incense.. oh woo woo. Joan T

  6. A fog machine!

    Great idea. ;-) Seriously. This would be Celtic-fung-shui right?

  7. wonderful for you! A new job! I have to agree with you that 50 does seem to be a point in our lives where we sit back & think about the road we've been on & the one we are about to follow. I felt really old when I turned 50. Then my husband got me a raft trip down the Colorado for my birthday gift. I was the youngest in our group! The oldest were a couple in their early 70s. They told me to do something you want to do every single day & to not worry about small things. Happiness will come if you open your mind and heart for it.

    Seems that you are on the verge of overloading yourself with all the school & teaching. Maybe write down a list and see what is more important to make you happy. I know when I over extend myself I have the habit of shutting down, so I've learned to say no to some thing, and YES to living happy.

  8. Thank you!! making a list sounds like a good idea.

  9. I have no words of wisdom for you Mary, just hearty congratulations.
    It sounds like this was a thoughtful decision, and I hope it makes you very happy :)

  10. Thank you Miz Drea.

    I asked my former coworker (she also got a new job awhile back after working together for a long time) how I should decorate a cubicle and she said, with your beads silly! Duh. I didn't even think of that.


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