Friday, June 26, 2009

Mullein After the Rain

No, this picture is not out of focus. It's the center of a mullein plant, which is so fuzzy fuzzy, just after the rain. I finally found the macro lens on my new/used digital camera. Shazayam! The picture above is about 1/2 size.

The whole plant.
We were walking along and a very well educated [cough!] student was walking behind me. She said to her friend, "That's mullein. It's a weed." I swear my jaw dropped open. How can you call a native plant A WEED??? I turned around and said, "It's for your lungs. It's an HERB." She pointed to some thistle and said, "What kind of thistle is that?" To quiz me? I dunno. I couldn't remember the name until I got home, so I said, "Well, its name means 'big ginormous thistle.' Yea, SCHOLA! (rhymes wit "holla") ;-)

P.S. Mullein grows for 2 years. The first year, it looks like the above. The second year, it shoots up those big spikes, then reseeds itself. I didn't take any pictures of the spikes, because, frankly, I was having a hard time turning the macro back off.

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