Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Official

I suppose I should post something here to make it all official-like. I started this blogspot blog because, well, blogging on eBay has certain restrictions, like mentioning my new Etsy shop (hint, hint...check out the links folks). Not to mention the odd bloggish culture there -- people seem to think it's a live chat or something.

So yeah. Also, I just signed up for Robin Atkins' Bead Journal project. We will make a beaded journal page each month for a year. I have a few goals and dreams to focus on, but eh, more about that later, chicas and chamacos. <--how do you spell chamacos?

Anyway, back to Robin and the BJP. She has a rich blog called Bead Lust, read all about it there. And her website is pretty kickin' too!

With that, beadlings, I shall leave you with this self-portrait, The Artist in Her Studio:


  1. Congratulations on taking the off-ebay plunge (re blogging)...
    I like it! I will have to check out about the beading journal!
    Best Wishes from Mama Trep!

  2. Hi Mary,
    And here we meet up again, is it really you???? Nah it can't be!!!!
    I found out about the Bead Journal only yesterday {Sunday} so its to late for me to be official so I am just doing it unofficial.
    Along with that I started a blog and then discovered you where on this also so I had to come say hi. I look forward to seeing your Bead Journal.

  3. Sunni! OMG, twice in one year! I can't believe it ;-) What is your blog addy???

  4. Hi Mary,
    You should be able to click on my name and go right to it.
    but just in case there you go.
    Oh when and where are you teaching embroidery with beads? Or am I seriously confused?


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