Friday, July 13, 2012

Accidental Theater

Ha! Sitting on the porch late at night, the MOTH and I had been reviewing his latest Goodwill Hunting trophies. Later I looked over toward the dryer and burst out laughin. (Yes we have a dryer on our porch -- this is Old Town after all and plus it's so old I'd rather it was outside when it catches on fire.)

Anyway, Act One seems to involve our Yoda digital clock (the LED is in his tummy), who lives in semi-retirement with the mosaic parrot lamp all year long now, and his trusty assistant, a custom made Anglo Barbie in Navajo attire, lying across a box of wooden dominos from Cuba.

Having just returned from Vegas, we're leaning toward an accidental magic show. The MOTH thinks there is some kind of levitation about to happen. I think a fake faux Navajo Barbie would have a hard time finding an acting gig anywhere else. But hey maybe that's why she took this one?

Here's a slightly better view of the parrot, playing the role of "backdrop."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look What the MOTH Dragged In!

Last weekend I took Junie to a grappling tournament. If you don't know what grappling is, well it is not this: [removed, outdated]

But I did have a good time! Oh and so did he. Congrats to Junie on being a medalist and a great sport!

But anyway...while we were gone, the MOTH moved the bulk of my beads to the new studio. He placed all the drawers on top of a rustic wooden bench from the backyard. At first I was like "huh?" but then I realized the rustic wood goes with the rest of the wood in the studio. Good call, honey!

Funny. I organized these bead drawers years ago, and they are still organized. I have them sorted by Czech or Japanese, then by size, then color. By color, I mean, I write on the drawers with labels like Czech 12-0 R-O-Y (for red, orange, yellow), Japanese 11-0 Neutrals, etc. Inside the drawers, the beads are in tubes or baggies.

A big must for me is that the drawers come all the way out. It's not very handy to be rooting through a plastic drawer on my tiptoes! It's hard to find smaller drawers that are completely removable, for some reason. But all the white drawers in this photo are removable. There's a board across the bottom row of big drawers, to distribute the weight, and even with significant weight on them, everything opens and closes just fine.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Summer Studio Update

I suppose I should continue to show my lack of progress in creating the new studio. It's getting there... but there is still a lot of stuff to move in.

One wall is fully furnished. I got these little chests of drawers
at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. Love them because the
drawers are bigger than they look. And they're not plastic!

This weekend we rebuilt the shelf with the green tape. Someday
I'll explain what's on these shelves. For now, I'm lovin'
the Mary Kay roll out pouches hanging on the closet door.
They're large, zippered, detachable and full of my silk and rayon ribbon.
Don't look in the closet. Hey! You looked. ;-)

Still haven't decided whether to put this white desk here, or in the closet.
I have a long narrow table that I was going to put in the closet.
Either way, I just found out I could fit a shelf for 12x12 paper storage boxes
under the desk. Also this desk is where all my current and future mismatched
drawer pulls will go. Atop the desk -- the dreaded plastic drawers.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What the MOTH Brought Home

Given an urgent assignment to find a lamp, his instructions were that it could only be so tall, so that it wouldn't block the view as you enter the living room. It's one of the first things you see when you come into the house.

Six weeks later, he came home from Goodwill with this prize find!

It's a bird nest lamp!

Perfect for the space, it ties so many things together, like the wood and metal milagro crosses on the wall behind the couch, the wrought iron and flying things in the "homework corner," and even the wrought iron security door which is coincidentally the same color as the lamp.

We strive for everything in our house to be unique... and this lamp is perfectly unexpected. The silhouette looks great from any angle in the house. And all this perfection for only $4.99! (Incidentally, the little cabinet it's sitting on also came from Goodwill.)

I think I'm in love. With the MOTH and the lamp.