Friday, November 30, 2007

Interweave to Pay Royalties on Pattern Sales

I just got an email from Interweave Press with a Digital Revenue Sharing Program Agreement attached.

Seems they are planning to start selling reprints of projects and tutorials in their online store, and (unlike any other similar magazines I know of), they will pay royalties to authors for whatever sells.

Here's a link to their FAQ:

The trick is, you do have to sign up for the program. Also, Interweave might not choose to put your stuff in their store, so obviously you wouldn't earn anything... And another thing -- the reuse fee only covers revenue from the online store, not reprints and excerpts and such that are published in future books or magazines.

I think this is really COOL! especially since they're not contractually obligated to pay anything for reused content.

What do YOU think??

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Little Boxes

No, not the Malvena Reynolds song. ;-) I had another art attack...this is the kind of thing I like to do when I'm swamped with other things but need to get my hands into some artwork...

Sorry if the color cast is weird, I'm still playing with my new-used digital camera. So far the outside shots look better. These are the ones I'm selling on Etsy. Click the image for a bigger view!