Saturday, February 17, 2018

Vintage Posies Cupcake Toppers

Well, hello again! Here's a fun little spring project, my recent take on the miniature vintage flocked flowers thing... which incidentally I try to carry in my Etsy shop whenever I can find them.

Vintage Flocked Flower Cupcake Toppers
Traditionally, these little craft treasures were used in doll hats and miniature crafts. Most that I've found were made in Japan or Korea. The newer miniature flowers don't have the delicate colors, detail and flocking, not to mention the soft-colored plaster stamens, or pips. My collection is pretty faded, but still precious.

Floral tape, artist quality glitter glue, vintage mini flocked flowers, and food skewers
To complete this project, you'll need a few basic supplies:
  • Miniature flowers to wrap. If you can't find the vintage ones, try these on Amazon.
  • Floral tape in your choice of color(s).
  • Food grade wooden skewers. Mine say "gluten free," lol. I got them at a restaurant supply store.
  • Glitter glue. Also your choice of color, but I highly recommend Ranger Stickles. It doesn't drip or flatten out when it dries. Also, the applicator allows you to use a very fine line.
  • If you trim your food picks, you'll also need a sharp pair of scissors or craft knife.

Step by Step

1. Choose a stem and bend the wire at a right angle, then wrap it around the skewer.
Bend the wire and...

...start wrapping.
2. Wrap floral tape around the wire.
All bundled up comfy and posy, I mean cozy!

3. Apply a little bit of glitter glue around the top and let it dry.
Make three, or six, or twelve!
These little bundles make adorable cupcake toppers -- use matching frosting dude. Also nice looking around the message on a frosted cake!