Friday, April 25, 2014

Part-Time Craftiness

Did you know The Crafts Report has gone digital? And you can get each issue in your inbox if you'd like, for free.

This month, I enjoyed Patrice Lewis's article "Tips for Running a Part-Time Craft Business." Although their craft business is a full-time pursuit, Patrice comes up with lots of ideas for those of us who are supplementing our income with handmade products and related services.

One income-producing idea she didn't mention that I have personally found to be rewarding is teaching arts and crafts classes. Locally or nationally, you can get a really good per hour or per day rate if you play your cards right.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bitty Letter Bead Pins

Finishing up some little brooches this weekend...

Bead embroidery on non-woven polyester bead backing,
using glass letter beads from Mama's Minerals.

 I got the square copper pins on eBay.
Perfect size for leftover seed beads and geegaws!

Hmmm. Seeing some possibilities unfold... vintage Japanese glass pearl drops,
rhinestone chain, and... how about some antique lace?