Saturday, February 17, 2018

Vintage Posies Cupcake Toppers

Well, hello again! Here's a fun little spring project, my recent take on the miniature vintage flocked flowers thing... which incidentally I try to carry in my Etsy shop whenever I can find them.

Vintage Flocked Flower Cupcake Toppers
Traditionally, these little craft treasures were used in doll hats and miniature crafts. Most that I've found were made in Japan or Korea. The newer miniature flowers don't have the delicate colors, detail and flocking, not to mention the soft-colored plaster stamens, or pips. My collection is pretty faded, but still precious.

Floral tape, artist quality glitter glue, vintage mini flocked flowers, and food skewers
To complete this project, you'll need a few basic supplies:
  • Miniature flowers to wrap. If you can't find the vintage ones, try these on Amazon.
  • Floral tape in your choice of color(s).
  • Food grade wooden skewers. Mine say "gluten free," lol. I got them at a restaurant supply store.
  • Glitter glue. Also your choice of color, but I highly recommend Ranger Stickles. It doesn't drip or flatten out when it dries. Also, the applicator allows you to use a very fine line.
  • If you trim your food picks, you'll also need a sharp pair of scissors or craft knife.

Step by Step

1. Choose a stem and bend the wire at a right angle, then wrap it around the skewer.
Bend the wire and...

...start wrapping.
2. Wrap floral tape around the wire.
All bundled up comfy and posy, I mean cozy!

3. Apply a little bit of glitter glue around the top and let it dry.
Make three, or six, or twelve!
These little bundles make adorable cupcake toppers -- use matching frosting dude. Also nice looking around the message on a frosted cake!


Monday, January 16, 2017

Recycled Bingo Card Books

My latest project is one that's been in the making for months, as the MOTH (man of the house) and I gathered all the necessary materials from thrift stores and yard sales.

Comb Bound Bingo Card Books

I made these little books from vintage bingo cards, filled with vintage plain papers, mixed with assorted graph and decorative papers, each one with a nice little pocket in the back!

Vintage graph papers, stationery, and fun filler papers

All the materials came from my stash of papers and the MOTH's great hunting techniques. He found three boxes of the plastic combs, and then finally found us an excellent (and very vintage) comb binder to punch and gather everything.

Library card pockets make great pockets in little notebooks!

I decorated several of these, but honestly, the ones I like best are the plain cards with just a red star in the Free space.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Birds Gone Wild Class

I broke out of my cage this weekend and took a bird-making class with Leighanna Light at a new art-teaching spot in my neighborhood called Art on Broadway, I took my best junque over there including my favorite old tins to cut up, rusty things I pick up on my walks, and some bells from my decades-in-the-making stash of bells... I even had a dream about what to make!

Click the picture to see a larger image.
The class is called Birds Gone Wild, and although you do have to be able to wield some tin snips and hole punchers, and bend a little wire, it's an easy, creative class with lots of possibilities and simple cold construction techniques. I opted to make door knockers with bells on the bottoms. Kind of a low-tech security system. ;-)

Leighanna is so relaxed, well prepared, and easy going -- she had extras of all the tools I forgot, plus small kits with a perfect, concise booklet, template, and little parts for everybody. Her demos were short and to the point, and fun!

I learned a cool new resist/patina technique which I didn't actually try in class because all my tins already had patterns on them. Finished one bird, with a few tweaks (or would that be tweets?) it will be flying off to the East Mountains to a friend's home. The other one (not pictured) will probably stay at Rancho Tafoya for awhile, seeing as it's coming on spring here...

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lucy's Locket Pincushions

I love seeing what my Etsy customers create with the supplies they purchase from my shop. Lucy from Lucy's Locket makes imaginative, one-of-a-kind heirloom quality pincushions from lovely old vintage fabric. Recently, she's been including a few of my grungy old vintage corsage pins with some of them.

(Click the image for a full-sized view)

I just loved seeing how the amber pins coordinated with this felted baby thrush pincushion. The birdie was made from a felted wool sweater, and in addition to the layered pincushion it's perched on, its back holds a rescued Victorian bobble! Not surprising this item sold, but she has plenty more in her shop. Very creative! Inspiring work. And recycled!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vintage Tony Lama Butterfly Boots

What a great vintage find! These vintage 1970s Tony Lama boots are going up in my Etsy shop. Here are some extra photos (click each image for a bigger picture):

Today you see a lot of embroidered boots, but hardly any cutout/underlay work. These gawjus boots have two layers of underlay -- in chocolate brown and fawn tan. Even the smaller half butterflies at the top are cut out. Nice cutaway heel too!