Friday, July 13, 2012

Accidental Theater

Ha! Sitting on the porch late at night, the MOTH and I had been reviewing his latest Goodwill Hunting trophies. Later I looked over toward the dryer and burst out laughin. (Yes we have a dryer on our porch -- this is Old Town after all and plus it's so old I'd rather it was outside when it catches on fire.)

Anyway, Act One seems to involve our Yoda digital clock (the LED is in his tummy), who lives in semi-retirement with the mosaic parrot lamp all year long now, and his trusty assistant, a custom made Anglo Barbie in Navajo attire, lying across a box of wooden dominos from Cuba.

Having just returned from Vegas, we're leaning toward an accidental magic show. The MOTH thinks there is some kind of levitation about to happen. I think a fake faux Navajo Barbie would have a hard time finding an acting gig anywhere else. But hey maybe that's why she took this one?

Here's a slightly better view of the parrot, playing the role of "backdrop."

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