Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look What the MOTH Dragged In!

Last weekend I took Junie to a grappling tournament. If you don't know what grappling is, well it is not this: [removed, outdated]

But I did have a good time! Oh and so did he. Congrats to Junie on being a medalist and a great sport!

But anyway...while we were gone, the MOTH moved the bulk of my beads to the new studio. He placed all the drawers on top of a rustic wooden bench from the backyard. At first I was like "huh?" but then I realized the rustic wood goes with the rest of the wood in the studio. Good call, honey!

Funny. I organized these bead drawers years ago, and they are still organized. I have them sorted by Czech or Japanese, then by size, then color. By color, I mean, I write on the drawers with labels like Czech 12-0 R-O-Y (for red, orange, yellow), Japanese 11-0 Neutrals, etc. Inside the drawers, the beads are in tubes or baggies.

A big must for me is that the drawers come all the way out. It's not very handy to be rooting through a plastic drawer on my tiptoes! It's hard to find smaller drawers that are completely removable, for some reason. But all the white drawers in this photo are removable. There's a board across the bottom row of big drawers, to distribute the weight, and even with significant weight on them, everything opens and closes just fine.

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