Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Summer Studio Update

I suppose I should continue to show my lack of progress in creating the new studio. It's getting there... but there is still a lot of stuff to move in.

One wall is fully furnished. I got these little chests of drawers
at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. Love them because the
drawers are bigger than they look. And they're not plastic!

This weekend we rebuilt the shelf with the green tape. Someday
I'll explain what's on these shelves. For now, I'm lovin'
the Mary Kay roll out pouches hanging on the closet door.
They're large, zippered, detachable and full of my silk and rayon ribbon.
Don't look in the closet. Hey! You looked. ;-)

Still haven't decided whether to put this white desk here, or in the closet.
I have a long narrow table that I was going to put in the closet.
Either way, I just found out I could fit a shelf for 12x12 paper storage boxes
under the desk. Also this desk is where all my current and future mismatched
drawer pulls will go. Atop the desk -- the dreaded plastic drawers.

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