Monday, October 1, 2007

Beading with Sequins Resources

So, Robin and Arline had a question about using sequins in bead embroidery (as per Ms. Mermalicious in the post below) -- here are some book reviews I did on three books I've found inspirational and instructional too! The first two are how-to books, recently published, focusing on fashion and beading on garments. The third is a coffee table art book, now available in paperback, with excellent photographs of surface embellishment from around the world.


  1. Do you not love the Kenneth King book? I just bought it. There are some ideas there that I can't wait to try.

  2. I've drooooooled over The Shining Cloth in book shops... Didn't know it was available in paperback... Amazon, here I come!!! Will also check out the other two. Great... thanks!!!


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