Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fishy Father's Day

We had a most enjoyable jaunt early Sunday morning, just down the road really, to celebrate Father's Day at Isleta Lakes. I must say, the fish weren't biting much but the bathrooms were immaculate! State of the art, in fact. The lights turned on when you opened the door, and the toilets and water turned themselves on and off as if by magic. Yeah, I've seen it before -- but at a fishing lake? And Joe the guy in the golf cart came around every hour or so to empty the trash cans. Shocking!

We did come home with a 4-filet catfish, straight from Arkansas I'm told, that almost got the best of Junior AND the MOTH (aka man of the house). As usual, Mr. Moth was fishing with two poles (he plays 6 or 8 bingo cards at a time, too), so when he saw the nibble, he handed the pole over to Junior, who is no stranger to the art of reeling in a big one (he got his first child-size pole when he was about 3 or 4).

Junior had his back to me, and I could see that his arms were flexing really strong, but I couldn't see what was happening. Apparently while Mr. Moth trotted back to his other pole, the reel fell off the one Junior was using, but he was trying to wind it in anyway. Finally Dad ran back and gently pulled in this rather large catch and we all decided it was worth getting up at the crack of dawn for.

A few hours later (when this photo was taken), we headed back home but the cat was not finished with us yet. He was flopping around so much the cooler was shaking, and he was MOANING so loudly from inside the cooler, our friends thought Mr. Moth has passed gas! LOL. Finally, after we put the cooler into the back of the truck, he flopped around for one final escape attempt and actually opened the lid of the cooler! I screamed, of course. A rowdy Arkansas catfish -- I think that's a darned fine Father's Day gift. ;-)

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  1. Okay you made me spew coffee over my monitor with this story. LOL! And that is one reason I don't fish! Eeewwwwww....dot


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