Sunday, November 29, 2009

Accidental Altars

I find these little displays all over my house. I think of them as "accidental altars" because they display things that I think are too precious to throw out, but their arrangements are not deliberate. If I was more deliberate, people would call me organized.
There always seem to be stray plastic animals around the house.
These two have been perched atop my mica shelf for a few
years now. Although they're not glued down, they seem content
to stay where they are.

This old Scrooge pops up in my jewelry photos now and then.
These days he holds court among the crystals, in the
shade of the peacock feathers.

Buttons, milk pogs, old black snaps, and little bottles
the MOTH finds on his hunting-gathering missions.

I adore the little Japanese lamp the MOTH brought home.
Suddenly we had a new accidental altar.

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