Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Betcey in the Firelight

Oops. Did I forget to blog about Boulder? Uh-oh, and here Beadfest has come and gone since then... saw so many friends, and so many beads. Here's Betcey after dinner at La Fonda:

Some of my favorite new things were the permanent galvanized finishes, especially in charlottes, and of course in several sizes of Japanese beads. And the little peanut beads -- what fun! They are shaped like little dog bones -- fatter on the ends and skinnier in the middle -- so when you string them, they alternate the way they're stacked. There are big African beads like this. Forget what they're called. But these are very miniature. People were scooping up tubes and tubes of them.

I got a bunch of hot fix Swarovski rhinestones from Betcey and the heat gun to attached them with! So now I can be Ms. Ed Hardy and make my OWN $200 purses, yeah!

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  1. I love this picture of Betcey! It has a very "old world" feel to it. I've played with the peanut beads and they even work great in bead embroidery.


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