Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage Sari Metal Thread Embroidery

Exquisite vintage embellished sari fabric in vivid blue, with metallic threads and sequins. I took these pictures months ago -- and now I can't remember what I did with the whole piece!

I love the way the scalloped motif is stitched. Don't quite understand it though. Looks like a composite stitch, where the straight line started with a chain stitch, over which that long stitch / basketweave thing is looped. The the scallops are edged with a running stitch

If you ever wondered whether gold sequins hold their color --
here's your answer. :-)

 Except for the sequin work, most of the above photo is worked just in chain stitch. (Note: Kim comments that this is tambour work -- thank you Kim!!!) I love that -- straight lines, squiggly lines, and geometric shapes constructed of single and multiple rows.

Check out the way the sequins in the center of the starflower are anchored. Very classy!


  1. beautiful but it must be heavy.

  2. Kim O'Brien, LondonMarch 30, 2011 at 4:53 AM

    Thanks for posting the sari pics. I am totally intrigued by the scallops too. I reckon that all that chain stitch is tambourwork, including the way the sequins are attached.


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