Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Little Fire to Warm the Soul

I know, I know, it's fire season here and the wind has been horrendous. But here in our little Old Town backyard, sheltered by tall, tall cottonwoods, it was very quiet last night. I asked Junie if he'd build a fire -- and at first he declined. We were all feeling pretty lazy. A little while later, the MOTH said "I smell smoke!" He ran to the back door, but I just smiled. Junie had built the absolutely most perfect fire I've ever seen. We sat around it until it was just coals, and then we doused the coals. I don't know about Junie and the MOTH but I came inside peaceful and transformed, and ready for sleep.

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  1. wonderful. We need to unbend our little fire place as my sun ran over it with his moving truck!!!


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