Monday, June 25, 2012

Dem Corks

Corks are getting expensive these days. I like to keep an assortment on hand for my vintage bottles. So I was elated when the MOTH brought home a big bag of them this weekend.

But I've often wondered -- what is the appropriate cork size, anyway? They may fit the opening just fine, but some seem too short and  others seem way too tall. Is there some kind of rule of thumb for what height proportion is best? (Hey it's a reasonable question. We have rules of thumb for flower arranging, right?)


  1. My local creative reuse center has tons and tons of corks. I'm tempted to say that they're sold by the pound!

    Once you run out of corks, maybe there'll be some at this place:

  2. Hey, thanks, I remember this place -- my kid's art teacher used to go there and get the coolest stuff!


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