Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crystal Katana Rhinestone Pusher

I've been growing accustomed to Kellie DeFries' Crystal Katana tool for placing rhinestones, chatons and other fine geegaws into 2-part epoxy resin clay. The tool works great for that -- I like the wide barrel, so your hand doesn't get tired. But it's not too heavy to flip around when you need to use the other end. I find that placement is easier than the little ball of wax on a toothpick, which can stick too much.

This video shows some other kinds of projects -- how to glue flat-backs to plastic headphones, using white glue; how to use E6000 to bling some shoes; and how to use 2-part liquid epoxy to glue crystals to a metal license plate cover. Great information here...

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