Thursday, May 7, 2015

Online Color Theory Class Gearing Up!

Oh yeah! Craft University presents...

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an online course with Mary Tafoya

May 26 -- June 22, 2015

Four weeks of self-paced guided instruction, downloadable color theory worksheets, and lively online discussions. You can ~post your work, ~contact the instructor, ~discuss with your classmates. All you need are 1. internet access, 2. colored pencils, and 3. a printer.

This class is a little bit ART and a little bit SCIENCE. You'll learn what you need to know about color theory to solve color problems and make creative color choices in your artwork, on the computer, in your photography, etc.

Hands-On Color Theory
for Artisans and Crafty Souls

Here's what we'll cover:
  1. Six Benefits of Studying Color Theory
  2. Color and Human Perception
  3. Color Factoids
  4. Three Amazing Attributes of Color
  5. Riding the Light Waves with Hue, Saturation and Value
  6. Flesh and Bones with Tints, Shades and Tones
  7. To the Color Wheel...and Beyond
  8. Color Guides and Models
  9. The Usual Suspects -- Primaries and Secondaries
  10. Jewel Tones and Earth Tones -- Intermediate and Tertiary Colors
  11. Safe Zones with Neutral Colors
  12. Color Harmonies -- Making Color Sing
  13. The Complements
  14. Analogous Neighbors
  15. Monochromatics
  16. Triads and Tetrads
  17. The Seven Color Contrasts
  18. Color and Culture
  19. Color Symbolism
  20. and other Colorful topics

    Hope you can join us!

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