Friday, June 8, 2007

Victoria Hughes Class yep yep yep

Woohoo! I just found out I can take Victoria Hughes' all-day polymer clay class in Albuquerque next weekend. Actually, I don't have any business taking the class -- I've got my own class to teach the following Thursday (at Harwood Art Center...hint, hint) and my kid has a martial arts demo that day, and...oh! did I mention I'm in grad school and in the middle of a month-long read-until-your-eyes-bleed course?

Well, no matter. That guy I married 21 years ago? He said "go for it" and you know I always do what he says, hehe. Plus as we were talking last night, someone bought a few cabs from my Etsy shop -- it seemed like magical confirmation in terms of the (very reasonable) class fee.

As busy as I am, I still get a bit of creative work done each day. Might not be the large scale months long projects I did until a couple of years ago, but it keeps me level. But this spring at OFFCenter I realized that time-wise, space-wise, and concentration-wise, at this time in my life I really benefit from leaving the house to work. No dishes, no phone calls, no hopping on the Internet to quickly check my eBay sales, etc. Just burrowing down into "what can I get done in 2 hours of glorious creative play time?"

So yeah -- it'll be just me, the clay, my tools, Victoria, probably Frank Sinatra if she brings her CD player, a cast of local PC artists and my creative muse, who is always on call 24/7. Woohoo!!!


  1. Lucky you for getting to take a FULL DAY of polymer clay. *Wish I were there!*

    Be sure to tell us what you learned. LOL


  2. Sounds like so much fun , and it's great to have that kinda of support . Relax Enjoy and please come back and show what you have learned.


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