Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Vote for "Through the Looking Glass"

Check out these beadwork contest entries. The theme is from Alice in Wonderland and it's called "Through the Looking Glass," sponsored by celticat and the Bead Art forum at Delphi:

I voted for my favorite! Just click the thumbnails at the top of the page, remember their number, and then click the vote box. A bunch of people have voted so far, I can't wait to see who the favorites are.


  1. Hi Mary, those are great.
    I joined the forum so so I could vote.
    I will look more into what I can do there later.

  2. Hi Mary, Jody from TorC Land of Enchantment says HI...CC told me you left a message on her bead blog...so here I am....my website is ..::http://www.jotee.com::.. & http://cibjotee.etsy.com I see you also sell on etsy.

    more later


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