Tuesday, August 19, 2008

See Mort Bead

crystal beadworkLinda Breyer, AKA "Morticia" in Beadland, is incredible. To say the least. And so is her beadwork! I often feel transformed somehow after looking at her work -- it's the shapes, the colors, and the detail I think.
If you found the picture above enticing (it's called "Alchemy"), here are some more links to Linda's elaborately rendered beadwork:

I realized the other day that I've known Linda since 1997. Yeah. If my math is correct that is 11 years of online beady chatting. Linda lives in London.


  1. Mmmmmmm! I don't think I'd seen that one yet. You're right, Mary, Mort never ceases to amaze with her beadwork which can look like something that grew in a pond on a distant planet where jewels take up the niche of flowers to lure glittering golden insects, or something that a Queen might covet. Wish I could come close to that level of artistry!

  2. Hello my darlings (nik and miz mary, I am blushing here. I was reading Mary's newsletter and I clicked on this link and got a shock. Thanks so much for the great compliments especially from you two amazing artists. Wow we have known each other a long time, from girls to wimmin. Still love you both and if it wasn't for Nik would never have had my work on the net.

    Kisses Mort

  3. Love to you Mort - you are one in a million. 8-)

  4. That is really lovely. I love it when I can see the beautiful works of others. It humbles me.


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