Saturday, December 6, 2008

Teenagers and Menopause

know, I know. TMI. The hot flashes started about three weeks ago (during dinner with Betcey and Mark no less). I feel like a pot bellied stove, heating up from the inside out. They truly are power surges. And I'm thinking -- what if I went out and bought some menopause herbal remedies and gave them to my young teen? LOLOL! Do you think he would take up knitting instead of... well, texting for one thing.

In other local news (hehe), I thoroughly needed the night out to OFFCenter last night. What a long week. (picture me bleary eyed, slump shouldered, weight of the world type of look) I sold 5 pieces of jewelry which was totally fun because I usually sell just 1 thing on opening nights. The band was great, and good friends showed up. Mama's Minerals plugged the show in their e-newsletter, and several people I don't get to see often dropped by on their way to and from other openings.

And so now that the aforementioned young teen is at a party, I'm off to Flying Star for a quick soup date with the MOTH (man of the house). See ya!

P.S. Seven days til end of semester... tick tock tick tock zzzzzzzzz wha? I missed class??? (I'm having school dreams again...)



  1. You are so funny - Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one that had nightmares about missing class....!
    Congrats on selling your work!

  2. Haha! Thank you. You know what they say -- "Laugh or go crazy." (do they say that?)


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