Monday, January 19, 2009

Leighanna's Metal Deck Class

I decided (it was an unconscious New Year's resolution I think) that the best way for me to get in my requisite (read: sanity-maintaining) creative time was to take classes. My first class this year was Saturday at OFFCenter, with home girl Leighanna Light. These are ATC-sized collage-ness on thin metal. They are unfinished, I'm feeling the need for more layers and more exploiting of the fact that they are metal and can be drilled and similarly abused 8-)

The angel set will have some flowers and beads (I think) woven into the holes, and I plan to make little hangers for them to hang individually. These were made quite simply with some napkins Leighanna brought to class, milk pogs, vintage cigar box wrapper labels, and some of those embossed pictures that are linked together as a sheet, whatever they're called.

The ordinary saints set will be made up into a deck, after they have the appropriate hardware and geegaws. They are made with metal surfacer (coppery patina), images I cut out of a miniature art book, 1930s photos from an old photo album, and vintage jewelry stampings, mostly.

Thanks Leighanna for an intensely fun class and thanks OFFCenter for letting me stay way late. 8-)

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