Monday, February 2, 2009

Decorating My Cubicle

Don't think I've forgotten that I need to decorate my pink cubicle. Tomorrow I'll finally get a chance to take measurements, locate my light source, scope out my bins and drawers and what have you's, and figure out if I should go wild, or serene. In conversations with friends and (recently) former coworkers, I've narrowed some options for decorating themes. It did occur to me that if I came up with twelve, I could change the decor every month!

1. Thank you Sherry for riffin' with me on the Nautical Theme. I thought, wow, I could wrap a big knotted rope around the top of the cubicle, and hang a captain's wheel out front. Sherry suggested a shell mirror, and I thought a framed picture of my pirate grandfather (or grandmother, thank you Nik, I was listening) would look perfect on my desk!

2. I have not let go of the Tibetan Buddhist Shrine theme. I just don't know if I could concentrate with all those boddhisatvas looking at me, and all that red and gold. Then again, if I was transported into mandala land, I woudn't be concerned that I am now working in a little cubicle.

3. There's the bead theme. Dulcey, you are ever practical -- and yes, I almost see it as a subtle form of advertising. Can't hurt, right? (as long as I'm subtle). I still don't know if you can put thumbtacks in cubicle walls. Should I invest in some kind of display grid? Hehe. I would have brought my Bead Museum poster along with me, but it was completely stuck to the wall at my old job.

4. The beads keep sequeing into stuff like Renaissance Fairs, Bedoing Tents, and all kinds of other ideas that are sure to get me a rep. What kind of rep depends ultimately on how well I do my job, I suppose...

5. I did do some research on feng shui for the cubicle, and so far I've learned that I should face the door. If I can't face the door, I'm supposed to put something red on my chair. A water feature (somehow I'm not seeing that being allowed), live plants, all good. Other details escape me at the moment.

I'm having a really hard time coming up with colors that would look good with dusty pink. So, here's what I am ACTUALLY doing to adorn my cubicle. I was over at my friend Buffy's house (aka Bethany Nelson), looking around for the umpteenth time at how beautifully and serenely she decorates. And it dawned on me that DUH, she just started up her own art consulting business, and she does interiors. She also does fung shui and some East Indian thing that is similar to fung shui. So I hired her. Really. I hired a consultant for my cubicle!!!

There were some constraints (aside from the pink). One, I can't take her to see the space. The public can't get into the offices (as far as I know). So I'll have to take the measurements and give them to her. And two, if there's anything that needs to be purchased, she has to shop for me! I don't have the time. She said of course she'd shop for me. I figure it will be good for her resume and great for my cubicle. Oh goodie goodie. I think. I hope this doesn't cost me an arm and a leg (not my kind of decluttering...)


  1. Wow, a consultant!! I have empty nails in my wall from the previous owner -- 18 years and an addition ago. I think a hank on the wall (maybe restrung on Fireline?) would be a lovely thing to pet for its calming influence. :)

  2. OMG, I'm so embarassed. I got to work today and honey those cubicles are not EVEN pink. They are tan. A nice tan, IMHO, earthy, not vapid. I'm going to have the most elegant non-pink cubicle on the floor.

    Dulcey - thanks, now I am visualizing some turquoise beads in there somewhere.


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