Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Historical Photos -- US Forests

I somehow found this site when I was searching for vintage images of Smokey the Bear (don't ask). I love using these kinds of images in my collages and whatnot. Sometimes I pretend the people are my ancestors, but mostly I just enjoy using anything that is not a cute child with pretend angel wings. 8-) I like pictures of gritty settlers and rustic cabins. Even baseball and boxing (anything but poppet headed darlings...)

Anyway, here are a couple of my favorites, reduced in size for bloggish purposes:

Take a cruise through the site -- there are pages and pages of unusual historical photos.

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  1. Mary, Two things: one we stayed with Allison Lindquist( Boogie Dog Glass) in Oakland I think you shared a necklace design in the past and we just sold beads at the Best Bead show in Tucson with a gal who sits in NM forests and watches for fires. She lives off the grid in NM.

    No smiley little insipid cupids for me either!!!!Joan T


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