Sunday, May 31, 2009

About Sequins: A better pic of front and back

Subtle color variations are so much fun to work with when you're doing full coverage stitching with sequins. I posted about this before, but here's a better picture that shows how noticeable the difference can be with flat sequins. You don't notice it on the strand, but you will notice it after stitching rows, areas, etc.


  1. You know, I just really noticed that with some vintage pinks that I bought. I've got to make sure I work in a well lighted place to make sure I get the right side, or maybe alternate them with some pattern.

    One thing & I don't know if you know this answer. My vintage smell like vinegar. I'm beginning to believe that are not vintage, but have been treated to make them look older. Ever notice that?

  2. Hi Dot, I think the fact that they smell like vinegar means they ARE vintage. I've heard that they can take on that smell after awhile. I'll try to find out more.


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