Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blogga Las Vegas

Woo! Finished up my schoolwork on Thursday night, packed up the family and flew to Las Vegas last night. We are staying at the Tropicana (why? because that's where Junior's grappling team is staying) and for the money -- stay anywhere else. They did not have the room type I'd reserved when we got here, and offered no upgrade and I can tell from the desk and the crowds that they're not close to full. I've stayed at the nicest casinos (for work, mind you!) and there were always deals to be made, where I've paid close to half what we're paying here. The shops are not worth mentioning but at least there are walkovers to the MGM Grand and New York. We arrived just in time last night to catch the tail end of a conference for tattoo and piercing professionals -- amazing crowd! But the rest of the crowd is pretty ho-hum.

At one time the bamboo-framed mirrors on the ceiling would have thrilled us, but now me and the MOTH lie here and practice finding different poses that make us look less like human balloons, LOL! But for some reason, junior loves a rollaway, so he's happy as a clam. Plus he is the reason for the trip -- Grappler's Quest. They've gone over now for the weigh-in which is why I can sneak a post in. 8-)

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