Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bead It and Weep

Well, the last several days have been pretty bumpy. First, I got the flu. Next, I got some kind of tooth infection. Haven't been to the dentist yet, because next, we got word that a dear relative had passed on.

I went up to Santa Fe anyway, where we have a small, annual bead retreat -- a bead, eat, shop, play, bead, laugh, catch up, bead, and sleep weekend -- every year. I figure it was the best place to be considering I could at least rest if I needed to, unlike what I'd be doing at home. This was our 15th year gathering together! (My 13th I believe.)

I have to say I was very well taken care of! A bit of therapeutic massage, many hugs, a few tears, some Rescue Remedy, and even antibiotics for my tooth. Not to mention my nurse-in-residence, Sarah.

On Saturday a couple of these friends decided to take me up to Chimayo. I bought my BIL (it was his mother who passed away) a pretty little silver cross made in Mexico. The neat thing about it is the top unscrews and you can fill it with healing Chimayo earth.

Here are a few photos from our jaunt:

Rita and Judy make me so jealous because they are old ladies like me
but their hair is still soft and silky and down past their waists.

A swallow's nest under the eaves outside a little shop.

Don't ask. LOL!

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