Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trouble in Taos

This story made the national news. A new hotel owner new to Taos forbade employees from speaking Spanish in front of him because he was paranoid they'd be talking about them, and he wanted them to Anglicize their names.


Classic line in this story is when an employee tried to tell the owner they've been speaking Spanish in Taos since long before they were speaking English there.

So yeah, instead of trying to learn a little Spanish himself or market the cultural pride of the place, he tries to browbeat Taos out of the Taosenos. Go home dude, find another place to build your fiefdom.


  1. Yep, its like moving next to the dragstrip, then complaining that its too noisy.

  2. Pbth on him!

    I loved that in the Jewish deli I love, owned and run by the same Jewish family for the last 50 or whatever years - I heard the owner(?) speaking nicely in Spanish to a Latina busing the table.

  3. Around here people move to the country and then complain about the farming smells, noise etc. Idiots.


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