Saturday, June 26, 2010

Got Micro Beads?

I'm just getting ready to list this in my Etsy supply shop. In addition to the five photos for that listing, I took these closeups of the bead crochet patterns for all you fanatics fans of antique beadwork.

First off -- check out the color palette. This beauty contains dozens of colors because each motif uses 5-6 colors. Love these old fashioned micro-bead colors, especially the metal lined crystal beads used for the background. They were crocheted with tan thread, so there's still plenty of contrast, but not a stark white background.

Here's the palette -- mainly reds and greens, with some blue and amethyst.
A tiny bluebell motif? These old purse patterns translate easily to loomwork or square stitch.

Here's a rose for you. :-)

And some other flowers -- orange to balance out the blue. Notice the aqua/jade green color in the bottom right of the photo. Several metallic beads are tossed in too, but there surfaces have worn off over the years.

And finally, the fringe. Notice how white the crystal beads look with white thread, compared to in the background where colored thread was used.
I'll post some overall pictures a little later. For now -- Enjoy!


  1. What lovely and inspirational photos, many thanks!

    Those other orange flowers are auriculas (a relative to cowslips or primroses) which were very popular flowers in Victorian the point where there were entire flower shows and growers clubs devoted to them. They are enchanting little flowers that can come in some mighty vivid (read, highly bred) colour combinations. The leaves look floury so auriculas are commonly called 'dusty millers.'

    Nothing like a little trivia to start the day!


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