Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nifty New Photo Table

Speaking of yesterday's pretty silver things, the MOTH brought home a gorgeous adjustable hospital table, with a faux dark walnut top. At first I thought "Ugh...where will we put this?" but then he said, "No more backaches from your microphotography," (That's not actually what he said but it hardly would have been proper to type type "No more bending over for your photos...")

However he said it, he was right! It pulls up high enough for me to shoot straight down or across the objects. And the surface -- my goodness, it's darned rich and lovely. I prefer to use decorative papers under my schtuff, I went ahead and christened my new table to shooting this vintage steel mesh purse straight on the surface.
Previously I used a folding wooden tray table up against our patio door. I found that using the higher table isn't just easier on my achin' back, being up higher means I also avoid getting reflections and shadows and color casts from various things on the patio. Still get the blue sky cast, as you can see from the photo above. But the price (only $10 bucks) and the pretty, pretty surface is totally worth a wee bit of color correcting.

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