Friday, April 13, 2012

Eazy Felt Bead Backing

So we were talking about Eazy Felt. Not here...but nearby. And my pal Sandy was saying how Eazy Felt is way cheaper than some of the other bead backing materials (a couple of which I use religiously by the way), and that it holds up just as well as the other good ones unless you stitch too close to the very edge. Which is exactly what I was gonna say!
Let's compare.
On the one hand you've got your basic non-woven polyester backing, such as Lacy's Stiff Stuff, Sova's Bead Backing (disclaimer: I wrote the product description as a favor to Rita), or my name stuff, which I got at a lowrider supply shop.
On the other hand you've got Eazy Felt.
(Or, I notice that Rita is carrying a similar product by Darice called Stiff Felt that is .89 for a 9" x 12" sheet.)
Like the big backings, Eazy Felt is:
  • sturdy enough to be worked without a hoop
  • doesn't fray
  • won't tear
  • cuts easily with scissors
  • easy to stitch through
  • is available online
But unlike the big boyz, Eazy Felt:
  • costs well under $1.00 for a whopping 12" x 18" sheet (even without a coupon)
  • is available at the big box craft stores
  • comes in a vast array of colors (like a dozen or more)
  • COMES IN LEOPARD PRINT! Oh, and camoflauge too...
So what are ya waiting for??? I recommend it to my students. In fact I give them samples of the other backing and Eazy Felt so they can see which they like better.


  1. Obviously, I'm going to have to go to Michaels, even though I'm on a "crafts' stuff" diet.... Gotta have leopard print felt, though. Not sure what for, but it is clearly a necessity of life! Wonder if the Michaels coupon email is still in my "recently deleted" folder....

  2. I finally got to the big city and a felt sample was on my list. No Hobby Lobby, but Michael's had "Stiff Felt" for $0.99 a 9x12 sheet. Made in USA, non-woven polyester (from recycled bottles!). I tried it and found it acceptable, however it wasn't as easy to pass a needle through it as the buckram/interface combo I've used for years. Thanks for the tip on this.


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