Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Um, hi?

The Garden font by cenz qobbal, found at
Oh boy sometimes life delivers so much so fast... well that's my excuse for not blogging in a few. Seriously...I had a cold, missed 2.5 days of work, got better-ish, went on a retreat, took Junie to apply  for jobs, and wait. There was something else. Oh yeah, I'M A NEW AUNTIE!!! And this auntie is winging it up to Colorado this weekend to cuddle with the little bundle of cosmic joy.

So the studio has been on hold-ish, although the MOTH did find me a wicked floor lamp with a pink shade that matches the walls. I finished the gold accents around the closet doors, labelled a bunch of things (hey that counts!), filled another donation bag for OFFCenter, created a passel of one-inch sized cropped images (ok, that was kind of off track), hung curtains and moved all my jewelry tools into the studio. I also sorted through two trays of beads and pulled some things to list, and some to donate. Whew. This is going to take almost forever...


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