Monday, August 20, 2012

Grace happens.

This is what I made for Eid this year -- Eid is the big meal at the end of Ramadan, where small gifts are often exchanged.

The MOTH had brought home these rubber stamps -- St. Hildegaard and a small text stamp "Grace happens." I happened to have a bunch of little cotton drawstring bags so I stamped them with solvent ink in two colors (gray and olive green). To make sure the solvent ink adhered well to the cotton fabric, I slipped a small piece of cardstock inside each bag before I stamped them, and stamped on top of my nice thick foam stamping pad.

After the ink dried (solvent ink dries very quickly), inside each bag I slipped a small milagro of La Virgen de Guadalupe, AKA Hazreti Maryam.

Easy, quick, and each is one of a kind!

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