Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun Font for Bead Stringers

Oh! Oh! I'm always on the lookout for fun new typefaces at Here's one for bead stringers, called Jewels, by Clothier Fontes.

Oh and oh by the way, here's a tip on how I made the little text image above. With a simple screen capture and Dafont's preview feature, I didn't even have to download the font...
  1. First, I browsed for a font I liked at .
  2. When I found the Jewels font, I clicked on the font name to go to the font's details page.
  3. Near the top left of the page, I found the Custom Preview field and typed my sample text "beads". You can also choose between four different preview sizes.
  4. Next, click Submit. Dafont returned my sample text preview, and I liked it. :-)
  5. Here's where I launched my handy-dandy photo editing software (in my case, I used SnagIt, a beefed up screen capture tool. I dragged my screen capture boundaries around the preview text. You probably have some kind of screen capture utility on your computer (such as Windows' Snipping Tool), you can crop out any extra white space around the letters.
  6. Next, using SnagIt's Fill tool (you could also do this in Paint), I selected various colors and filled in the bead shapes.
  7. Finally, I saved the file as a .jpg and posted it here!

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