Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Brilliant Idea No. .0002 -- Cork Stands!

Click the image for a closeup!
These wee cabinet-photo cutout folk were lying around (literally) and I wanted to prop them up so I could play with them. But I didn't feel like cutting, folding, and gluing card stock for little stands. Which is when I spied my jar of corks...

So here you go. Find a big cork and set it on the table, wide end down. Saw through the center of the narrow end, back and forth, using a sharp knife or craft blade (Kids, ask a parent. Knives are sharp). Squeeze the sides together to stabilize the cork and saw gently. Cut a slit about halfway down the cork.

And voila! Slip in the cabinet photo (or other creation), and it stands up just right.

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