Thursday, August 16, 2007

Foxy Ladies Beaded ATCs

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Foxy Ladies! I made this series for the latest BATC swap on All About Beads (Delphi). I think this is the fourth swap so far -- the only rule (other than size) is that each card has to have at least one bead. I made 8 cards and got a chance to practice one of my 3D sequin flower tricks. Each card is on leopardskin EZ Felt, the next best thing to Lacy's Stiff Stuff (or Rita's Bead Backing, same diff). I also used this series as my August Bead Journal Project and journalled about my new, lusty affair with fancy sequin stitching.

After I cut the felt to size, I collaged each piece with a cutout image from my vintage postcard collection. Then I stitched the sequin flower with shameless pink lipstick cupped sequins, and sprinkled just a few acid green metallic seed beads around, in the printed flowers.

I backed each card with distressed paper printed with tiny pink polka dots -- not a shabby chic pink but more of an old fashioned rose.

The edging is scalloped silver metal tape. Now, this is where the Lacy's product is better than EZ Felt because it's stiffer. Normally when I wrap the edges, I use one continuous piece and turn the corners with a neat little tuck -- but the edges bowed too much so I cut each side to length, and it turned out just as nice, I think, and just as durable.

Not sure if I'm quite finished yet -- I might need some words torn from a book...and it's hard to resist embossing a little pattern in the silver tape. Yeah. I think just a wee bit more frufra would do the trick.

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  1. Love how these ATC's turned out Mary, :o) Lillian in WA


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