Thursday, August 16, 2007

September 11 Bead Quilt Still Moving!

Hey all,
I just heard from Andrea Adams, coordinator of the Bead Quilt September 11 Memorial Project that she will be travelling with the quilt again this year to NYC for the Sept 11th conference hosted by Voices of September 11th ( ), and will be meeting with officials from the WTC Memorial Museum to continue discussions regarding donating the quilt panels.
This is a grassroots project supported by individual contributions, and Dre has done an outstanding job (also kudos to Rosa Meyer her right hand woman and crate builder extraordinnaire) keeping things together until the various memorials and museums are built, open, and our projects can be housed permanently in them.

Benefit auctions are up on Ebay -- I so rarely hound people to support causes, since there are so many worthy ones, but this one is dear to my heart and I have so much respect for the folks (especially Dre) who have hung in there with this one. So, if you are so inclined...

Thanks for putting up with this blatant soliciation!

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