Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sandy's Tidepool Necklace

A couple of weekends ago I tortured several members of the New Mexico Bead Society with my Tidepool Necklace project -- an embellished multistrand stringing project with a large focal bead, thus combining very small, medium, and very large beads into one project. So I had stringers, stitchers, and even a couple of valiant beginners in the class, and they all worked very hard (with great results)!

Sandy Greenfield sent me pictures of her finished project -- WOW! She is an accomplished designer already (see more of her jewelry designs at and uses color really well, but I guess this is the first time she'd embellished the strands with additional stitching (look at the ropes and chains in the second photo!)

Thank you Sandy for sharing these with me and giving permission to share them here, too!

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