Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New on Squidoo

Hmmm, this always seems to be the time of year when I play around with new web stuff. This week I am fiddling around with Squidoo, a cool site where you can build a page on any topic, then add links, text, pictures, Amazon info, even polls and stuff. There are also groups you can join, and you can bookmark your favorites and a whole bunch of other things.

I think I even have Sarah F. working on a Bead Journal Project lens!

Here are my first two "lenses" (what Squidoo calls their topic pages):

Um, this was my first one, and I'm still getting the hang
of things. So I'll probably rearrange this a bit, and of course
add more artists!
Beading with spirit, myth, power
Favorite artists, books, and a wee bit of my own work

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