Monday, December 31, 2007

Scary Old Doll

Old Doll Face 01
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I have had the cold from Hell since Thursday. I do not exaggerate. Yesterday I could hardly see straight. Today my kid suggested that if I drizzle some honey in my hair I could probably get some wicked dreadlocks going.

So, the DH comes into the bedroom and throws this THING into the bed. I thought it was a cat or something, or a small, dirty child. It turned out to be this old doll.
She has that 20s-30s eyebrows and eye makeup, but she's dressed in a pinch waist pink silk outfit with lots of old ratty brown lace. She appears to be made of a combination of that hard stuff and soft body limbs and such. I don't really care -- she creeped the beejezus outta me, lying there on my sickbead, innocently expecting him to bring me a burrito and coke!

But for the price he paid for her, I would have no qualms cutting her up (once I get past all those serial killer cable detective show memories) and using her in assemblage and such. I'm sure the rest of her face will crack off if I'm too rough. We did have a brief discussion about hanging her from the ceiling with some wings, along with our Balinese angels and frogs. That's a definite possiblity.

But hey, she did get me up out of bed to take these photos! Now if I could only get her to put that arm down and quit staring.

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